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Fresh Boarder

Salt Lake City

#65246 3 years ago
Those crazy mormon chicks! I wish I was going there really soon. It really makes Des Moines look second rate.

Hope you all have a joseph smith of a time!!!
Fresh Boarder

Re: Salt Lake City

#65248 3 years ago
Hope he is there I would like to kick his ass for a 40 year dose of his bullshit.
Junior Boarder

Re: Salt Lake City

#65402 3 years ago
Oh, the memories. I'll never forget the Salt Palace in 80something. Busts galore, so the men's room became a free for all giveaway from all holding. Unbelievable. I'd say the law's plan backfired. That crowd had nothing on them, but boy was it in them. My first Dew, to boot. Yow.
"Love still rings true."
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