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Re: Setlist 9/27 Missoula Mt.

#65708 3 years ago
Warrior for Peace and The Positive Movement!
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Re: Setlist 9/27 Missoula Mt.

#65896 3 years ago
zoo town...what a place....montana in general, absolutely stunning, beauty emanating from everywhere, truly is "big sky" country...we crashed at lolo springs rv park about 30 mi away the night before rolled in a few hrs early onto the campus kicked it did our thing and headed in...the venue was really small, carpeted floor with some seating...

george called the half step, it was nice, very technical bob and jk sounding nice with the lyric trade off, something i'm usually not the biggest fan of..last time was an interesting choice for the slot in the set, but i looked at it as a nod to the fact that "hey, you know what, we may never play montana again"...alabama getaway was mediocre, jk pulling some decent tones and fiddling around..octopus' garden was sweet, phil sounding great.. i am glad this particular beatles cover remains in their repertoire..i thought big river was a highlight of the show, jk absolutely tore this one a new asshole during his last solo...seemed like he pounded away for a solid 2 minutes, raising it higher and higher everytime you thought he'd bring it down..lazy river road was a nice choice, not sure how much play it gets i want to say 5 or less times...i like how they trade off on the verses, even giving one to phil, but also bob and jk both take a whack at the pre chorus..althea was nice, never reached it's full potential but speedway to close the set was awesome, great jamming...

floor got a a bit more crowded during the break, lots of college kids, and fantastic looking women, great vibe up there

celebration was spectacular, i love that song, yeah i'm a phil freak but it was just very well played, vocals and instruments sounding wonderful...sugar magnolia seemed to dog a bit in the very beginning, picked up some good energy and segued nicely into scarlet..nice rendition john really soaring during the solo, the jam into fire was not very noteworthy, it had some nice moments, but fire was good, john taking the first solo, jeff the 2nd, and john hammering a third one home, different than garcia taking all 3...felt a he's gone coming and it was well received, the crowd really mellowing down (and lighting up)..king solomans was fun, the timing was a little splotchy at certain moments but for the most part it was nice, russo doing a nice little intro, something he doesn't always do..sugaree was another highlight of the show for me, and that is a rarity..john and jeff were just sweetly drifting around each other making it one incredible version of this song, bob sounding strong with the vocals..viola lee was another smoker, i prefer when they play it all the way thru, as opposed to the sandwich...sunshine daydream was fun to end the set everyone loved it (and forgot they never finished it)..baby blue breakout for the encore was awesome, although weir sounded REALLY off in the beginning, and phil was glancing over at him like huh? and even stopped playing for a brief moment before it swung into gear, and it was great, i thought bob did a good job with it, would love to see it stay in rotation

overall i loved this show, i enjoyed the song selection and playing more than the eugene shows, but i have a soft spot in my heart for eugene and the scene it provides, so i am not going to rank them because they are on different levels..john is sounding better everynight, taking more risks, and taking the helm of the ship more and more..lovin it...
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