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Junior Boarder

Predictions for TONIGHT (Sunday in Eugene)

#63692 3 years ago
Its Sunday - so lets talk spirituality/religion.

"Samson" should see the light of night....
With Catfish John last night how about the west coast premier of "Mission in the Rain" tonight?

Dylan back-to-back Highway 61's (Train on Friday and Tom Thumb last night) I think Queen Jane or Desolation Row tonight. If not how about Like A Rolling Stone encore. This may be like the Abbey Road album out East.(1 song every night, but in order!)

"Viola Lee Blues"
"Scarlet>Fire" will be played.

"Must have been the Roses"

"Unbroken Chain"

enjoy the "Mountain Song"
"Let it Grow"
"St. Stephen"

and "Playing in the Band Reprise" (still left Playing open)

Finally, a late second set "Trucking"

GDTRFB>BidUGoodnight to close the second set
Platinum Boarder

Re: Predictions for TONIGHT (Sunday in Eugene)

#63768 3 years ago
fullterrapin and DEW maybe scarlet fire and we bid you goodnite encore
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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'Seems like i been here before"

Re: Predictions for TONIGHT (Sunday in Eugene)

#63865 3 years ago
i all fora 2nd set like... oh say... Samson> Scarlet>Fire>Terrapin(full suite)>Morning Dew>St. Stephen>Good Lov'in
"If you get confused just listen to the music play"
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