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first Furthur show: 2/19/10

Mansfield 7/21/2011 Thursday: A look back

#63691 3 years, 1 month ago
Well, besides it being my BIRTHDAY and one of the hottest days of the year in the Northeast this show was nothing special...ha! Just kidding. This was a unique experience for me, in that I did not injest a large amount of LSD and or friendly fungus, or both. I really like absorbing the music by a cloud of kind smoke and not a dense purple haze. Getting in and out of the venue was easubreezy, the lot scene was mild mannered and pretty relaxed, I think the heat was a natural mellowing effect on almost everyone. My fiancee and I did not get a pat down or searched going into the venue, I had all of my smoke well hidden but it wasnt really an issue anyway. I smoked freely through the entire show with no hassles. Which is a very nice feeling to be free at a show¬° The boys started right at 7 pm. I had spent some extra time waiting to order my birthday beer but when I noticed a beer was $11 I turned around and went back to our seats in section 7. Aiko had just begun!
I wanted an Iko, and here it was kicking things off! Passenger came after, the perfect song for a Hot summer night. This is a pretty ling version and segues into Doin that rag. At the show it seemed mundane, but as I listen to the Furthur Live recording I realize its a real gem. Loose lucy was great, we actually have a pet rat named Lucy, but shes not a ho. My second Althea came next, not as fun as the 2/19/10 version was. Breakout Mission in the rain was a highlight, not a perfect version but nice. Two Djinn is a newer song I wanted to see, this one is good and segues well into a rockin and fun version of Might as Well to close a nesrly 70 min set.
Foolish heart is a fine set opener sung by JK very well, but Im wondering at this point, why Phil is not singing much.
Foolish heart>Hard to Handle is very solid and a nice jammed out version of HTH. New Potato Caboose is really phils only song he sung alone, I felt this was a fine moment and short but intersting version. Then its Estimated which is one if my favorites, Bobby singing Estimated when he starts screaching and improvising vocally is a highlight for me and my fiancee loves it when he does that, he actually sounds just like our cat Phisher when he cries for food. Scarlet>Fire was predicted by most heads, and I was jazzed to see it. Not a killer version but good. King solomons marbles seemed a bit out of place after Fire on the mountain, but its fun tune and the star is Joe Russo who really lets it all hang out. Hes a beast! Dear prudence was a great moment, I love The White album and this version brought it all home. Everyone knew NFA was coming , this is my second time and chanting to the band as they leave the stage is a fun moment of unity. The crowd does not stop singing " no our love will not fade away" until Phil starts his donor rap. Liberty is the chosen encore and makes everyone leave feeling lucky to be free to enjoy this amazing music together.
We met a bunch if great folks,older and younger and had a great vibe happening in our section which allowed everyone to feel free enough to dance and sing and smoke and really enjoy eachother which is a very important component of the live show experience.
Song highlights for me:
Mission breakout
Hard to Handle
New potato Caboose
Dear prudence
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