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Re: Eugene 9/23 setlist

#63158 3 years ago
bobgruen wrote:
FYI, new version of Shakedown with Further between year 1 and 2....There is new lyrics too (in Shakedown). (Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down town..... Wheeeew)

There was one point last night I think it was Phil singing "you just gotta break it down." I thought was real sweet!
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Re: Eugene setlist

#63159 3 years ago
I was just replying to the first post i saw. Here it was:

Re: Eugene setlist
#62743 18 hours, 43 minutes ago
nice start but too predictable .... ya i missed it...lol"

I dont get it about how it was predictable. I do stats with Furthur tour and this was about the most unpredictable tour opener that I have ever seen. (Reason for my post)

Reminded me of one of the nights in line during the NY run for Phils bday i did last year. There was a guy in line that said, and I quote, "I hope they dont do "Might as Well" i cant stand that and I always hear that song..." My friend had to hold me back from going nuts on this guy. Might as Well (Like it or not) is a freaking rarity with the Grateful Dead and with Furthur. Thats like someone saying they are tired of hearing "to lay me down" or "all over now" or "memphis blues again". {Played 1x, 2x, and 3x respectively}. Silly rabbit - opinions are awesome about likes/dislikes, cuz everyone has one. But certain statements about predictability irks me a bit -

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